SMART LEARN (A Franchise For K-12 Segment)


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  • Smart School

  • will set up the Learning center in the existing premises (KG Schools / Learning Centers / Regular Schools or New premises)
  • will take care of end to end Teaching and learning Process in the Centre.
  • will provide a Centre Manager, who takes care of 360 degree working process.
  • will conduct the activities like IIT Foundation, NEET & JEE, CA Foundation, CBSE, ICSE, SB in Smart Class method Teaching.
  • centre should have minimum 3 classrooms and one counseling room. Working hrs - 4pm to 7pm.

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  • Less stake of capital-installment or differed payment facility.
  • Easy to manage credit.
  • Management/technical facility can be obtained with little/ no cost
  • Promotion and advertisement
  • Have a higher rate of success than the start-up business.
  • Quick ROI.
  • Win-Win-Win methodology
  • Brand Building.
  • Incremental Revenue.
  • Ease of Supervision.


  • Reasonable franchise fee in flexible terms.
  • Standardized policies and procedures.
  • Curriculum design
  • Ethical Business model ( EBM)
  • Continuous management counseling and support.
  • Develop a set of customer service standards.

Complete End to End Support


Human Resource and Recruitment Management

  • Assist in conducting the recruitment interviews
  • Screening and short listing applications
  • Selection of candidates for the management
  • Provide orientation and training session to staff

Curriculum & Learning Management

  • Provide syllabi and books in the latest academic trends
  • Advise on assessment, marking, recording and reporting of students’ work.
  • Provide policy, learning and teaching.
  • Suggest policy on safety, health and usage of technology.
  • Assessment schedule.

Marketing & Promotion

  • Product , product design and product development
  • Preparation of annual marketing plan
  • Brand advertising
  • Website Optimization
  • Social media Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Dedicated Centre Head
  • Online/ Offline campaigns & advertisement



We at Smart Ed Techno School offer various courses which cater to the needs of various age groups of children, inculcating the ambitious spirit which is very essential for the contemporary & competitive world. By undergoing our programs, children would be confident of facing any competitive exam by the use of various skills that are imbibed by them, during their course of study with us.

As we all know, Early start is the right start, we offer foundation courses to children right from the age group of 12, i.e from their 6th standard. We equip them with certain skill sets which are essential to them throughout their professional career. We also endow them with certain nuances of subjects, wherein children face any competitive exams with utmost confidence and intellect.

We also offer coaching for the children who want to pursue their career in medicine – by cracking NEET and similar entrance exams to enter into top most medical universities like JIPMER, AIIMS and other medical institutions.

If a child would wish to pursue his/her education in the field of engineering, we offer courses which coach the child easily to crack the entrance exams for IITs and NITs which are institutions of repute in the field of engineering.

We proudly declare at this juncture that we produced a centum result in IIT JEE mains 2019, from State board students, which is a remarkable achievement.

We are sure that our students would come out in flying colours in the NEET examinations held recently.

We owe our success to the entire team of our faculty and the students who made this to happen.

As we all know, in the present scenario, there is a growing demand in the commerce field, where there is a wide scope of opportunities, like Chartered Accountancy, Business Administration, Management studies and Economics too. Considering the growing demand in this field, we have ventured into our coaching for CA foundation this year, with the best faculty in the commerce stream.

We are sure to sustain our vision of Providing education with a minimum cost to a maximum population, in this venture also.

We have our FITS program in full force which is nothing but FACULTY INTEGRATED TRAINING FOR STUDENTS. Here again, we have two programs which are foundation and advance programs. In this program, our core faculty team will train the school teachers team who in turn will train the students. The training for the school teachers team will be conducted either quarterly or annually, according to the school’s requirements. Students will have doubt clarification sessions every week half a day of 4 periods which again depends on school’s discretion. Smart Ed will be providing the materials to all the students, conduct the examinations, gives monthly assignments and the evaluation of all the test papers. At the same time, school teachers who are trained by smart faculty are also evaluated at frequent intervals to measure the capability of their understanding and the extent of training required to be given to them.

The advantage of this program is that students find it convenient to clarify their doubts, as the faculty who addresses them is their own teacher and they would have developed a rapport with the students. As far as teachers are concerned, they would be well equipped to handle a certain class, by the smart faculty and hence there will not be any room for the teachers to go without pre preparation. Here again, we provide children with experiential learning techniques wherein the children are taken once a year for an educational tour.

Another unique course of Smart Ed Techno School is its Smart Tutor course wherein students who would like to opt for supportive classes in one or more subjects are provided the opportunity, again in a nominal cost. These supportive classes are offered both to State Board and CBSE board children of classes VI – XII. The special feature of this course is that the entire syllabus is converted into video classes which include innovative techniques and methods.


  • Here are some special features of our Smart Ed courses which are worth mentioning.
  • We conduct result oriented teaching for competitive exams like IIT foundation, JEE and AIEEE, NEET, AIPMT, AIIMS and KVPY.
  • We adapt what is called an “Integrated coaching method” wherein we take the responsibility of handling school syllabus as well as IIT & NEET syllabus.
  • Hence there arises no need for the students to go for any special class or tuition.
  • We have a customized coaching pattern which is specifically designed for matriculation board students, to make them on par with the other board students like CBSE, IGCSE etc.
  • The syllabus is so well framed that matriculation board students will also be able to score high marks and their standards are also escalated high, which paves the way for them to compete with CBSE and IGCSE students in any competitive examinations.
  • Students are given individual attention and their doubts are clarified when required.
  • We do a continuous monitoring of their progress through assignments and CAT exams at regular intervals.
  • Evaluation is also done and based on the evaluation, support is provided to the students, to fill the gaps and hence excellent results are produced.
  • We also provide coaching specifically for KVPY exam which is nothing but (Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojna) run by Indian Institute of Science, which most of the schools are unaware.
  • It is an excellent scheme run by Indian Government wherein a student on clearing the exam is entitled to receive a scholarship of Rs.7500/- per month till the student completes his/ her higher studies.
  • This scheme is very popular in Northern parts of the country and many schools have utilized this to a greater extent. But in South, funds allotted to this particular scholarship scheme is not being utilized so far, as the schools themselves are not aware of such scheme.
  • Some of the other support system given to parents by Smart Ed Techno School – PTA is conducted at regular intervals, wherein parents are given an opportunity to meet the teachers to discuss the performance of the students and to discuss further on the steps to be taken.
  • Parents queries are attended to on a top priority basis and the students are given guidance and assistance by the teachers as and when required.
  • We all know that this is a competitive world, where it becomes necessary for a child to acquire certain skill sets which are essential for the child to go further in the career path.
  • In higher secondary education and higher education period, children need to do independent self study wherein these skill sets which are inculcated in them during their period of study in Smart Ed Techno School becomes a backdrop.
  • Complete syllabus is covered according to the academic course plan.
  • Following the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardener, each child is enriched with one or more of the multiple intelligences. Hence their learning style differs.
  • In view of this, our teaching methodology is so designed that it will not only be in lectures, rather it will be involving innovative teaching strategies like slide shows, Power point presentations, demonstrations and innovative presentations.
  • The Child, would be confident and focused enough to choose its career path.


  • The students need not go outside for any tuitions. Hence their precious time is not wasted.
  • Weekly and monthly assignments are given to the students. Hence consistency is maintained.
  • Monthly CAT Tests are conducted inside the School which gives room for improvement and development.
  • 3 National Level Exams are conducted by TCS outside the School for all the competitive exams, which eliminates the fear in the child of facing competitive exams for the first time.
  • Regular Discussions on 15 years Question Banks for all the competitive exams will be done, by which the child gets to know of the question paper pattern.
  • Regular Evaluation with TCS prep Test (Third party Assessment) Students are trained in IIT, NEET, NATA, KVPY, CA, CPT, ICWA & IIS Competitive exams.
  • Flexible School preferred timings are followed. Hence boredom is not created. Following incremental learning process, instead of baffling the students with higher-level theory / problems without covering the basics.
  • Hence whatever the child learns, it learns thoroughly and completely. Visual thinking exercises are provided which are unique and first of its kind. Problem solving techniques are taught which are in super active methods.
  • As we understand that the best way to develop the best is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.
  • We do motivate our children by our gestures of providing them with course completion certificate every year after completion of their course.
  • In addition to this, we go by our vision and scholarships are provided to meritorious students, students who are in dire need of financial assistance and are really deserving, so that an opportunity is provided to make their dreams come true.